Create a school “tyta” and fill it with sweets.


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For over 100 years in Silesia, children have associated the first day of school with a sweet gift – a bag filled to the brim with maskets, i.e., various sweets. Tyta is also called the cornucopia.

During the workshop, which will take place in our Shopping Centre on Saturday, August 19th, children will be able to make a cornucopia on their own. We invite you from 10.00 to 13.00.


The basis for making a school “tyta” will be a ready-made white cardboard cone with a height of up to 70 cm. Children will be able to decorate it with decorative papers with printed images of characters from their favourite fairy tales and toys. Among them will be Spiderman, as well as the heroes of the films “Paw Patrol”, Ninjago, Cars, Frozen and many others. Then the creators decorate the cornucopia with colourful stickers, rhinestones and sparkling glitters. You will also be able to write your name with a marker.


On the day of the action, you will also be able to receive a set of sweets to fill the school tuition. To pick up a sweet gift, all you have to do is shop in the stores of our Shopping Centre and show your receipts at the point near the workshop zone.

The size of the gift depends on the sum of the collected receipts. The smallest set of sweets will be available for purchases with a total value of at least PLN 100. Larger packages will be available after exceeding the amount of PLN 200 and PLN 300. Hurry, because the number of prizes is limited. The order of applications counts.

Receipts from the Auchan hypermarket cannot be used in the game.

The cornucopia filled with sweets will certainly make students’ return to school desks more pleasant. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in our action!