Make Christmas decorations and meet Santa


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We are only a few weeks away from Christmas. How to make the waiting time for this event more joyful and colourful? On Saturday, December 3rd, we invite you to participate in family creative workshops, during which colourful decorations for Christmas trees will be created. On this day, children will also be able to meet Santa Claus!


Fabulously colourful Christmas decorations will be created during family creative workshops. Small participants will use colourful glitters and shiny stickers to decorate durable Styrofoam Christmas tree baubles. It will also be possible to fancifully decorate plaster figurines and Christmas pendants. The final effect will depend on the idea and fantasy of the little participants.


During the event, a Christmas surprise awaits children. Santa will visit our Shopping Centre! The guest will sit in an armchair in a specially prepared space full of Christmas glow. The little ones will be able to tell Santa their Christmas wishes, and a professional photographer will take a Christmas photo of them. You will be able to print a commemorative photo on site.

We invite you to join us in pre-Christmas fun!