We create aspen wood ornaments!


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Aspen wood is an excellent material for creating ornaments from which you can conjure real miracles! The participants of the family workshops entitled “Osikowa dolina”, which will be held on November 5th in our Shopping Centre. There will be figurines of hedgehogs, eye-catching flowers and red and white cotillions. We invite you from 15.00 to 18.00. Free entrance!

Aspen wood will be used to perform the work. The raw material, although it seems fragile, is actually durable and flexible, which gives great opportunities to create items. For many years, aspen shavings have been used by folk craftsmen.

During family creative workshops entitled “Osikowa dolina “, planed aspen chips will be used to make various decorations. It will be possible to glue autumn hedgehogs on a polystyrene base made of coloured aspen feathers. There will also be flower-shaped decorations, as well as white and red cotillons on the occasion of the upcoming National Independence Day. During the workshops, precision, dexterity and rich imagination will be useful, but participants can count on the help of instructors who will suggest how to make the decoration aesthetic and durable.

Saturday’s creative workshops are an opportunity to spend an interesting time and get to know one of the working techniques of folk artists. Everyone can participate, regardless of age. Items made during the classes can be taken home.

We invite you to take part!